Thursday, November 08, 2007

Much of Pakistan and India have reverted back to temperatures higher than what could be expected at this time of the year, after showing initial signs of cooling, specially over the northern areas of the sub-continent. Even the traditionally cooler regions of the hilly areas are reporting above normal temperatures. Labella in Pakistan have registerd high of 39.5c, and the overall day is very much warmer than it should be over much of India, as is evident from this departure map.
Even the night temperature departure map shows unusually warm colours over much of the region.
This could be due to the total absence of direct cool north breeze for the regions of northern and central India (IMD map). Maharashtra and Gujarat are warm and stuffy due to the incursion of moisture during the last week, which has even resulted in isolated rain in a few pockets.(Panjim had a heavy downpour yesterday with 67 mm of rain, and Mahableshwar 15 mm). Dry air from the north, should change the murky condtions of these 2 states, for the better, maybe by next week.
For the south, as was expected, the "break in monsoon" will end soon, with the predicted low springing up in the bay by tomorrow. The IMD predicts this low to become a depression, which can be transalted into heavy rains resuming for the southern states.

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