Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Continuing from my blog of the 16th, the anticipated 1/2 days rain from the easterly wave has now receded, and not much expected for the next 8 days. As discussed before, the "La Nina" phenomena, has had its effect on the N.E. Monsoon, as we see a reduced amount of rain this season.

Also, the night temperatures have started to drop in the Northern regions of India and Pakistan, the central areas of India, and Maharashtra state. Srinager is now at -3 c, Amritsar at 5.8 c, Delhi records 10 c, and as predicted, Mumbai went down to 17 c, and in Pakistan Islamabad went down to 5 c, and Skardu in Kashmir to -7 c. The IMD minimium map shows a large area of India in the "below normal" shade.

The next 8 days (maybe till the end of the month), will not see any major precipitation either in northern areas of the sub continent , nor the south.Furhter west too, the middle east will be dry till the 27th. . A W.D. may be expected around the 28/29th. This may bring rain/snow to northern Pakistan, NorthIndian states of Kashmir, H.P. and Uttranchal. The northern states and Delhi may see a little fall in night and day temperatures arounfd the middle of this week. A fall in night temperatures could also be expected in the interiors of the southern states.

Two "tropical Depressions" have formed. One near the Phillipines, and the other east of Vietnam. Though not entirely out of season, the one near Vietnam will have to be observed for its further effects, if any , on the Bay side.

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