Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cold weather in U.K

Very cold weather in U.K. on 28/29th. May caught my attention. I feel that any extreme weather or records regarding the weather in any part of the world , must be put up on my blog.

Rain and strong winds ravaged southern England,St Catherine’s Point on the Isle of Wight was one of the wettest places in the UK, receiving an incredible 80mm, (just over 3 inches) of rain during the weekend.Temperatures struggled across many parts and were unseasonably cold. Highs ranged between 7 and 10 Celsius (45 – 50F). Normally temperatures would be nearer 17 or 18 Celsius (63 – 64F) at this time of year.A maximum temperature of 7C was recorded at Heathrow Airport and 8c at London Weather Centre making it the second coldest May day on record, according to the met office.The minimum was 4c at Heathrow on 29th.

One of the country’s biggest carnivals in Luton, which was expected to attract around 100,000 people was cancelled.At 1500GMT temperatures were below 8C over an area from Surrey to the E Midlands and the Thames Valley, making it feel unusually cold here as the rain continued to fall.

Fresh snow fell on some of the higher peaks in the Highlands. Rainfall totals in 24 hours ending 1800GMT included Weybourne 54mm, Liscombe 56mm, Wattisham 60mm, Benson 62mm, High Wycombe 64mm and St Catherine's Point 81 mm. Max. temperatures were Killowen 14.7C, Kenley 6.6C ,and minimum Cairngorm -2c.

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