Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A moderate W.D. from the Arabian land has caused thunder storms in Dubai.Heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorm and lightning disrupted life in parts of Dubai and Sharjah on 2nd.and 3rd.
Poor visibility and waterlogging on roads caused several accidents with Dubai alone reporting 30 minor accidents.
Strong winds brought heavy showers on Monday afternoon in Dubai and the Northern Emirates .Sharjah experienced abrupt and heavy showers at approximately 2.45 pm, which was accompanied by strong winds and managed to knock down several trees near residents' homes.

Now, normally, in winter, this system would have moved into India.But due to the high temperatures,and the blocking ridge of high pressure,the W.D. is moving northwards into Afghanistan and N.Pakistan causing much damage there..
Avalanches are causing much damage a result of continuous heavy rain falling over the Kush Mountains which were covered in deep snow. As much as 1.83 metres (6 feet) of snow has fallen over the past several days, and heavy rains have also caused landslides in the vicinity.

This is the result, as mentioned in my previous blog, of the W.D. getting shunted North, and creating the ideal pre monsoon scene for the sub continent.


Anonymous said...

There is a lot of cloud and
t-storms around the southern
peninsula, this has been the feature for some time now. Is this usual? What is happening there?


Rajesh said...

The sub tropical jet streams are shifting north of the equator.Also, the ITCZ,is now moving north. Both these are seasonal movements.so a trough of low has formed over the comorin islands,and also east of Sri Lanka.
The clouds and t-storms are as a result of this.

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