Sunday, March 10, 2024

10th March...

Slow start to All India Summer as Day and Night temperature readings hover around Normal range.👇

With the approaching W.D , Delhi, next few days, will be steady at 30° in the day, and 16° at night.

On 10th, for the 6th consecutive day, Anantapur (A.P.) remains the hottest place in India.👇

In Maharashtra, Solapur at 39.6° was the hottest ( 5th in India).

Akola 38.3°

Wardha 38.0°

Sangli 37.7°

Kolhapur  37.1°

Pune A.P. 37.0°

Pune : 36.9°

Aurangabad 35.4°

Mumbai Scz 34.7°

Next week, Mumbai will be warm around 36° in the day. Nights around 21/22°

Next few days, Pune, already warm, will remain at 37°.

However nights will be around 16°.

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