Friday, November 04, 2016

Posted Saturday Mid Day:

In a sudden swift movement, BB-15 has tracked fast towards the NE, and moved almost 200 kms in the last 8 hrs from the last report (Below). It now lies about 300 kms E/NE of Vizag.
At this speed, expected to cross into Bangladesh Coast between Barguna and Chittagong on Sunday.

Showers would increase in Kolkata from Saturday evening itself, and would measure around 60-70 mms from Saturday evening -Sunday evening.Winds would sustain at around 30 kph and peak at 35-40 kph.Cool day at around 24c on Saturday and Sunday.

Posted Friday 4th Night:

BB-15 (Depression) is moving along the East Coast and is positioned 200 kms SE of Vizag on Friday Night. Grazing the Odisha Coast, the system will track towards Gangetic West Bengal.
As mentioned in earlier post, rainfall may decrease in TN from Thursday Friday levels next 2 days.

Expected Weather next 2 days in:
Kolkata: Saturday: Overcast with occasional showers, some showers heavy. Sunday: Increase in rainfall as thunder showers lash city with squally winds. 

Bhubaneshwar:Thunder storm /Dust storm possible on Saturday. Heavy falls in spurts.Decreasing condition of rain on Sunday, with overcast skies on Sunday.

Chennai: Decrease in rains as mentioned earlier...and rise in day temperatures.

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sset said...

Looks like record drought for south India. Failure of both SWM and NEM.
NEM true for its name all lows targeting NE India instead of SE India.
Same happened 2012-2013

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