Wednesday, October 12, 2016

As we expected, heavy rains continue in Coastal and Interior Karnataka. Some rain amounts as on 12th Morning:
Hethenahalli (Tumakuru) 138 mms, Balkoor (Uttara Kannada) 98 mms, Srigiripura (Ramanagara) 92 mms, Chowlahiriyur (Chikkamagaluru) 82 mms, Padupanaambur (Dakshin Kannada) 74 mms, Narasipura ( Bengaluru Rural) 71 mms, Herihalli ( Chitrdurga) 70 mms. 

The Latest OLR, UTH and WV Images show Withdrawal of South West Monsoon from Gujarat, M.P, Uttar Pradesh, Utterakhand, Madhya Mah, Vidharbh and North Konkan (Including Mumbai) in next 24 hrs...await announcement here on Thursday 13th October.


Ashish Gupta said...

This wil be the first time in my memory that the monsoon will withdraw from Mumbai without any of the evening thunderstorms originatign from the east. Any explanation for this sir?

Hrishikesh said...

Yes sir where are the evening thunderstorms will this year also the north east monsoon systems bring rain in Nov-Dec-Jan in mumbai? Rains in winters have increased in past few years it seems in Mumbai

Sarfaraj khan said...

Sir ....u mean there will not be any evening thunder showers for mumbai region
If Any chance of of that pls explain

sset said...

I am not at all worried about MAHA now (enough 4.5 months of rain) worry is will cauvery river start getting water? Hoping for continuous 3 digit rains over KAR/TN/AP/KER -> NEM monsoon is short, unpredictable and can fail.
Not sure why bloggers are still asking for Mumbai rains(we had excess*excess)

Rajesh said...

Ashish/Hrishikesh/Sarfarajkhan: In my more than 48 years of weather observation in Mumbai, i have witnessed several years when the Monsoon withdraws " with a whimper'. ..meaning no thunder showers at all...if i remember correct, the most silent was 1968.
No thunder clouds from east due to lack of proper CAPE development and very Low humidity in the upper troposphere setting in early, with 200 winds turning before the thunder heads develop. No break period this year for heat to develop in the interiors, which again help CAPE and upwards development of thunder clouds. We have seen heated inland regions going to > 35c in the past years, with good moisture.See the images put up for this purpose.

 Talking about the current  Mumbai  Pollution