Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Posted Wednesday Night:
UAC has formed off the AP Coast. Likely to form Low by 23rd. UAC may form over Telengana on 22nd...If then heavy rains over Telengana/Vidharbh. Will confirm both developments on Thursday Night.

Mumbai: Occasional showers expected in Mumbai from Thursday evening.
Delhi day got hotter as expected, and max on Wednesday was 38c at Palam and 37c at S'Jung.

Karachi: Wednesday was windy, with max wind speed at 37 kmph around noon. Light drizzles in some parts in the evening.

20th July: Good rainfall keeps the Mumbai Lakes Filling 
Lakes Supplying Water to Mumbai are Today 54% full. With a Storage of 793 Mcum, Mumbai has (at 20% cut rate) about 283 days of water available. That is till about 1st May 2017..( Source of Info: Vagarian Jayesh Mehta).

Compiled by Vagarian Tejas


NilaY Wankawala said...

a sigh of relief - good news -

sset said...

Mumbai Tulsi lake overflows....

It is reverse 2015 souther india was better but 2016 weak
Cauvery struggling due to weak monsoon

Evewrest said...

What is going on with Harnai? Its only supposed to get 252cm of rain in a year. Again and again it is posting such incredible numbers.

sset: Strangely, the Hindu article does not match with what's there in the IMD website. IMD shows Kodagu district with only 12% deficiency as of 20 Jul 2016 (total of 999.8mm against an average of 1141.9mm). It also shows the Cauvery basin at a deficit of 18% during the monsoon (158.3mm vs 194.0mm). Less than average, but not exactly a disaster.

Unknown said...

Evewrest good point.

Rajesh sir, please stop SSET from posting stuff deliberately to belittle southern India. Else a lot of folks from southern India would just stop posting here. Sorry to say this.

Vinod Desai said...

We had heavy rains in western suburbs last night but santacruz showing only 11 mm.I was thinking it would be above 50 mm atleast.

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir,weekend forecast for mumbai and nagothane?

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