Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Precarious Water position in Interior Maharahtra:

Marathwada water storage is precarious, with only 3% Storage Level ( In all Dams and Resrvoirs) available today. 8 out of 11 dams are at 0 level !
Comparatively, the levels were at 11% in 2015 and 30% in 2014. 

Nasik Region is also in trouble, with the reservoirs at 16% full this year. In 2015 they were 34% filled on date and 39% in 2014.
In the Pune region, the Storage Dams and reservoirs are 21% filled this year. Last year on date, the levels were at 41% and 36% in 2014.
Konkan is the only region which shows better storage this year at 46% as compared to 45% last year.

Overall, considering all the dams and resrvoirs of Maharshtra, the levels are 19% full this year. In 2015 the reservoirs were 32% and 38% in 2014.

Around  Mumbai: The 7 Lakes and dams supplying water to Mumbai (Modaksagar, Vihar, Tansa, Tulshi, Bhatsa, Upper and Middle Vaitarna) have a combined storage 0f 706 Mcum, 48% of Storage, (as on 15th April).source wrd. 
Normally, as Bhatsa and Vaitarna  water is diverted to irrigation and Thane to some extent, we take reduction in the 706 Mcum measure available for Mumbai. 

Water Supply Postion of Thane: The Lakes from which supply is shared to Thane are Bhatsa, Vaitarna and Barvi. They are 41%, 49% and 30 % full respectively.

Navi Mumbai supply is from Barvi (30%), Morbe (24%), Hetawane (50%) and 
Panvel gets from Dehrang 13%.
Barvi water goes to other regions as well.


Unknown said...

Rajesh sir,waiting eagerly for MW-2.will monsoon onset be late this year .sir ,when will you publish MW-2?

Atul said...

Yes.. Eagerly Waiting for MW-2 :)

Atul said...

Rajesh Sir,
Was curious to know what is effect of cyclone Fantala Near Madagascar on monsoon.

Unknown said...

One more hot day in bangalore. Max at 37.
Rajesh sir, is there any hope for rains in bangalore.
Never seen such a dry , hot summer before in bangalore.

sset said...

Bangalore is hot again because Anantapur (Rayalseema) has touched 43.5 today - so naturally Bangalore is again brewing. Other blogs have suggested high heat waves for AP in coming days + no pre-monsoon rains.
Mumbai was very pleasant, windy today myself had a good day @ Powai lake.

Karan Kumbhar said...

Strong breeze in Pune kept temperatures In check. Maximum at 36.5 ° C.

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