Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Tuesday, 2nd April,  Night:

A-1 over J&K, now as an upper air system. Induced low over Delhi. 
Both expected to move away in the next 12 hrs.

Line of Wind discontinuity runs from East MP thru Vid into North AP. Expected to weaken, and shift slightly Eastwards.
High pressure may dominate Eastern India from Thursday..and as predicted, result in high temperatures...

Already, AP shows the highest temperature in India today at 41.6c (Anantapur).
(Rest day temperatures of Tuesday put up in comments by Abhijit)

Tuesday's thunderstorm and rain in Delhi NCR occured as "scheduled". Eastern MP was lashed by a violent thundershower today.
Hyderabad had heavy showers today, along with thundershowers in Bangalore and N.I.Karnataka.

Pakistan: A-1 precipitates in Islamabad, Lahore and much awaited rains in Sukkar regions.

U.S. Texas Special Warning:..posted @ 10.30 pm IST Tuesday

Severe thunderstorms are possible across portions of central and southern Texas. Large hail (2inches) and damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 mph are the greatest threats. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a Slight Risk for a large portion of central and south Texas highlighting the severe storm potential. People in these areas should stay alert to the latest NWS forecasts and warnings...(Reproduced from Echo Storm Team


Rajesh said...

From Abhijit: (reproduced from previous article)
Some Maharashtra cities max temp for today :

Mumbai max temp:Santacruz 30.8c, Colaba & Vagaries 31c.

Pune 36c
Nagpur 39.4c
Solapur 40.2c
Akola 40.6c
Aurangabad 36.6c
Nashik 34.5c
Panji 33c
Ratnagiri 31.5c

Chennai max temp for today : NGBKM 33.4c, MNBKM 34c

Bangalore max temp 34.9c today

Kodaikanal max 21.8c today

Delhi S' Jung max temp for today : 36c

Rajkot max temp 35.7c & Surat max temp 33.8c for today.

Kolkata max temp for today : Alipore 36.9c, Dum Dum 37.4c. Delhi Palam max temp for today is 37c

Atul P Naik said...

Times of India article with March temperature analysis for Goa http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/goa/Torrid-month-was-hottest-March-in-41-years/articleshow/19354009.cms

Vijayanand said...

Nice rain in south bangalore late last night. We received rains after 10.00 pm. I believe it was heavier in west and south west parts of the city.

Vijayanand said...

In march temperature went over 34 degress 16 times in bangalore. Of the 16 times , thrice went over 36. April has started in a nice way with evening and night rains. Hope it continues this way :)

Unknown said...

Yesterday's rainfall for
NCR Delhi:-
Delhi Univ-5mm
Lodhi Road-8.5mm

Neeraj said...

brief thundershower tuesday evening @ kathmandu.

Unknown said...

third consecutive days of rains in b'lore....b'lore city -1.4mm and b'lore ap-10.4mm...city area is struggling to get rains from this spell...north b'lore would have got atleast 20mm

Unknown said...

looks like it ll rain today also its cloudy and humid here...

Unknown said...

one thing i hav noticed from this spell of rains in b'lore....the clouds looks threatening ..there has been violent lightning and thunders...but the intensity of rains are less...normally during summers rainfall intensity would be much more

emkay said...

Global warming alarmists get debunked by this report http://www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/NewDelhi/India-s-monsoon-intensifying-counters-US-study/Article1-1035751.aspx

Abhijit Modak said...

Some more cities max temp for today :

Solapur 40.3c
Akola 38.1c
Aurangabad 36.2c
Nashik 34c
Ratnagiri 31.6c

Delhi Palam 32.6c

Kolkata Dum Dum 37.4c

Chennai MNBKM 33.4c

Kodaikanal 19.6c

Rajkot max temp 35.1c & Surat max temp 32.8c for today.

Abhijit Modak said...

Bangalore max temp 34.1c for today

Vijayanand said...

Warm start to the day in bangalore. We might touch 35 or 36 today. Let see whether that leads to TS later today.

Unknown said...

Pleasant morning here in Vasai, with lots of low clouds ,clearing slowly. with temp around 21'celcius

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir , every morning there are plenty thick low clouds passing by. is it because of western disturbance, or its usual for this time of the year.

Anonymous said...

Around Mumbai --->
Karjat AWS : 18.1 c ,Palghar AWS : 19 c, Badlapur : 19.5 c , SCZ: 20.2 c ,Thane AWS: 22 c , CLB: 24.4 c ..

Nearby Mumbai--->
Pune /Nasik : 16 c , Valsad: 18 c , Dahanu /Alibag : 22 c..

Anonymous said...

the above r min temp today morning

Rajesh said...

sam khan: These morning clouds have nothing to do with WD. These are normal, and will appear from night itself very soon...condensation at night as humidity increases.

Vijayanand: Subdued this weekend for Bangalore..

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