Friday, April 15, 2011

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An article all of us missed out in 1835…. The Great Moon Hoax of 1835



Ron said...

can u throw some light into the imd prediction of above normal rainfall...saw this on cnn ibn...couldn't find anything on the imd website

Rajesh said...

Ron, it seems you missed it when the link was put up on Vagaries. See the blog of 11th. April, just preceding the Monsoon Watch -1 article, its there. Nothing to comment on it, you will agree.
Also another release on summer by IMD was put up in Vagaries on 7th april in case you missed that.

Ron said...

ok thanks a lot..will chk it out

 Posted 26th November...  BB 19 keeps NEM (over) Active Rainfall as on 26th in cms TAMILNADU: Kayalpattinam (dist Toothukudi) 31, Tuticorin ...