Saturday, January 23, 2010

Changes in Weather next week for India:

Day temperatures in the northern region of India have risen a bit today. After almost 8/10 days of bitter foggy cold, and days below normal by 9-11c, it was higher today, though: The map still shows a north-south divide in the day temperature range all over the country.

Highest day temperature in India today was Ratnagiri at 34c. Mumbai was 33c today.

Southern regions are still warmish in the day, and continue to have above normal days. The cooler nights have started creeping southwards, to some extent, with the below normal region extending towards the central/southern areas (IMDmap).

Lowest in the country today was -30c, in the Ladhak region, and -1c at Amritsar in the plains of the country.

The weather is set to change for the sub-continent from Tuesday, 26th. A system, W.D, and that too a moderately good one, is aproaching the Indian region, and is exected to preciitate good rains from Wednessday, 27th. (see upper air map above ). And with good rains in the Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and north Rajasthan regions, I see the fog disappearing from Northern India from Monday onwards. Maybe a clearer Republic day.

Days will get cloudier from next week for northern India, and the hill states can get good snowfall from Tuesday. The major hillstations of North India can expect snow next week on Wenessday/Thursday, 27th./28th.

Clearer weather behind this "front" will bring down the night temperatures substantially in the north from Thursday 28th.

Cold dry winds can be expected to sweep the central areas of Rajasthan, Gujarat, M.P. ad Maharashtra next week after the assing of the W.D.

Mumbai, exect relief from early next week. Days will be around 29c and nights at 18c in the initial part of the week, and dropping after Thursday.

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