Thursday, June 12, 2008

Above streamline of Wednesday shows a slight change from the expected. A low has descended from the upper atmosphere at almost MSL over the central India region. A trough from this low runs thru the northern region of M.P. and thru the central areas of eastern India into the bay.
As a result, rains were reported today, Wednesday, from central India stations and from Bihar.

Result: The monsoon will progress soon from the eastern side into central India, that is Bihar and adjoining Chattisgarh and east M.P.

The low has attracted a strong wind current towards it from the Arabian Sea, creating a south-west flow exactly over the Mumbai area. Thus, the inflow of extreme moisture has brought heavy rain to Mumbai( not forecasted) from Wednesday evening. Being an "in situ" low, it should vanish in 2 days, thus bringing respite to the metro city only 24 hrs. hence.
This is the major change/development from yesterday's forecast.

Otherwise, rains are moderate along the Karnatak coast, and the interior regions of Maharashtra and Karnataka did not have much rainfall.
The low off the Oman coast has fizzled out after precipitating some rain in the south of Oman and a light drizzle in Muscat as informed by a reader. Muscat should be cloudy till tomorrow, but it will be clear and back to 40-41c by Friday.

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting to read your blog. You analyse weather quite well, something that is missing in the Weather bureau websites.

I think Mumbai may get some respite till the Bay low develops into something major.

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