Saturday, March 22, 2008

The much "hyped" about "well marked low" in the Arabian Sea has dissipated as per the JTWC report of 1800 hrs. on 22nd. Though in its course it has poured tremendous amounts of "record" rains throughout Tamil Nadu and Kerala, it did not intensify as a "first timer" depression in the Arabian Sea. During the last few days rainfall figures in Kerala and Tamil Nadu have been double or triple the normal weekly amounts. And the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and A.P. have been kept cool and pleasant, as against the rising summer heat normally expected at this time. Days have been 6-9c below the normal in most of the cities in the southern peninsular.
From here, the south should get the respite it needs from the rains. Rains will lessen almost immidietly from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and shift to A.P. But only to last a day or two there. The south can then ''look forward" to the normal summer rise in day temperatures.
A deep low aloft is expected in the northwest region of India from the 25th. It may carry a W.D. with it and bring some rains to the north and northwest of India from the 25th. And a general drop in day temperatures of 2/3c can be expected here from the 25th. for a few days at least.

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