Saturday, December 08, 2007

A "series" of W.D.s ran through the northern parts of the sub continent. As anticipated, the temperatures fell to 3.5 c at Amritsar, 7.5 at Delhi, and fell generally over the northern and central regions of Pakistan and India. As predicted, the effect was felt in Gujarat and Maharshtra with Mumbai falling to 16c, and Rajkot to 13c (to name a few only,not the lowest).
Now, a fairly "strong " W.D. is to bring snow in the north of Pakistan, and Kashmir and H.P. in India. Rain is likely in Punjab and as far down as north Rajasthan. But as the system moves away rather quickly to the east, the precipitation will be there for a day only, maybe on Monday.
Thick fog and still lower temperatures will reappear from Tuesday in these regions, and the fog to last till the weekend.

But this augers well for the south. With the W.D. moving away an easterly wave is likekly to move into Tamil Nadu, south Karnatak and Kerala by Tuesday. Being fairly active, I think, the rain fall in these regions will last through till Saturday. And that too it will be quite widespread.

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