Thursday, October 12, 2017

Posted 12th October Thursday Night:

1. This Weekend, South West Monsoon begins withdrawal from the previous Line shown and withdraws Southwards into South Gujarat and  Maharashtra. 

We may announce Monsoon withdrawal from South Gujarat, Complete M.P, North Madhya  Maharashtra, North Konkan, Vidharbh, Marathwada. North Chattisgarh, Jharkhand on Monday 15th.( We will not wait for the 5 dry days as per IMD Norms).

2. A Potential Low Pressure is likely to form in the Bay. Forming around the 15th of October, it will be at 15N location on forming. Likely to intensify and move West initially.

Mumbai: On Friday 13th, Thunder showers may pop up in pockets in Madhya Mah, and along the interior North Konkan region and around all the Outer Townships of Mumbai. A thunder cell can drift over parts of Mumbai on Friday/Saturday. Rains may cease from North Konkan and Mumbai from Sunday. 
We may announce the Monsoon withdrawal on Monday 15th. .( We will not wait for the 5 dry days as per IMD Norms).
Pune: Thunder Showers in parts of Pune on Friday and Saturday. Rains decrease and season changes from 15th October.

Surat and Aurangabad: Rains almost over for the season from this weekend.
Bangalore: Thunder Showers continue for the next 3 days, around 25-30 mms /day.
Kolkata: Light to moderate rains this weekend. Up to 10 mms /day.


Unknown said...

Cloudy and slightly foggy weather in Mumbai Goregoan ..

Cumulus arjun said...

Pouring in Goregaon Mumbai

Hrishikesh said...

Orange sky again maybe a thunderstorm again in mumbai
I have noticed before every thunderstorm the sky turns Orange any reason behind it?
Does Orange sky indicate thunderstorm ?

VISHWAS said...

No rain till now but dark cloud here santacruz

Unknown said...

Very powerful t-storm lashed Nagothane rained heavily between 3-6pm...rains now reduced....yeah HRishikesh I too have noticed skies go reddish and then a night...but only during sunsets...

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