Thursday, August 23, 2018

Posted 23rd August Thursday Night:
-- Good rainfall likely in North India and NE India. (NE India is deficient now) on this weekend.
-- A fresh low pressure is likely to form in the Northern Bay around 27th August. Hence rainfall increases in Eastern India from 27th.
Resultant, An UAC may materialise over Central India around 27th.

Mumbai: A few heavy showers on Friday. Rain frequency and showers increasing to some extent on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday could see more rains, around 25-35 mms ( more in a couple of spots), maybe with thunder.
New Delhi: Showers on Friday with increase in rainfall and frequent showers on Saturday. Sunday will get occasional showers also.
Kolkata: Chances of occasional showers on Saturday and Sunday. Upto 20 mms/day.


Rajesh said...

Ishan: Withdrawal of Monsoon is of the parameters...when the ULR in the region under observation reads more than 290 W/m2. UTH reads below 35% (about).

Rajesh said...

Yes, a very poor performance of the SWM in Sindh and specially Karachi. I believe KHI has received just 10 mms this season ! Well , overall the systems which bring rains from the bay were less upto July. Then BB6/7/8 became weak and fizzled out in central India. Main reason,i feel that prevented the sustems, though one was a depression, from reaching upto Sindh was the poor strength and less feeding from the Arabian Sea. There was barely any feeding from the Arb Sea. Also as the systems came to the central India regions, i think a prevailing anti cyclone at 500/700 levels prevented further tracking of the systems.Even the divergence required at the 200 level was not strong enough. We see not enough strength in the SW winds North of and after Gujarat. I mentioned , when the BB-9 comes, i see a UAC forming in central India . Where will it track ? These are my personal views.

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