Thursday, May 05, 2022

Outlook for Weekend:Friday 6th - Monday 9th 

Mumbai: No large change this weekend. Day temperatures 33-34°c. Humidity will be high and give a real effect of 37°c.

Pune: Hot daytime and ☀️ sunny. Temperatures around 38-40°c. High UV Index around 11. Necessary to take care during peak sunshine hours. 

Nagpur and Vidarbh will continue with moderate heat wave around 42-44c.

Thursday 5th, Vidarbh region had maintained heat effect, it was so in spite of rest of India showing a fall. 

Gujarat Region Cities ( Ahm, Bharuch, Vad) will remain in the 41-43°c range. Surat & Valsad around 38°c.


A low pressure system (BB 4) will form in the Andaman region by 6th.

Semi-STR prevalent & shear will make the system deepen but track towards Odisha/A.P. coast. 

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No effect in Maharashtra. 

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