Sunday, July 29, 2012

Please be sure not to miss the following updates coming on Vagaries next 2 days...looking forward to your feed backs and views (its been hard work and effort to compile each one).  

1.Sunday : Updating forecast for Early week by 10.30 pm tonite (IST).

2Monday evening, the Maharashtra and Mumbai Lake levels and lake rainfalls will be put up.

3. Tuesday: The Monsoon Watch series on vagaries has become a routine and regular feature every year. Its popularity was gauged this year with a maximum of viewership.
Looking at the current situation, Vagaries has for the first time, come up with a mid monsoon "Monsoon Watch".
Please read Monsoon Watch-August, which will be up on Tuesday evening. It will be worth the reading as the "final salt" has been added by Rajan Alexander. And we all know, without the salt, the main dish is tasteless!

4. Wednesday evening...City wise performance of monsoon till July end....with diagrams and graphs..trying to cover some cities.  

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