Monday, June 24, 2024

Mumbai Special: What to expect in the remaining days of June?

24th June data 👇:

Colaba: Though it seems less, Colaba has received 80% of the normal rainfall as on date. ....328 mms received. 

Now, this is 64% of the total June normal.

Santacruz: Suburbs have received 52 % of the normal rains as on date. ...200 mms. Definitely less. 

This is only 38% of the expected total on  June 30th.

There are 6 days to reach the normal June figures of 526 mms ( Scruz) and 506 mms ( Colaba).

Is it possible?

Mumbai will see an increase in rainfall from 26th to 28th.

How much ?

26th-28th will probably get approximately 140 - 170 mms cumulative rainfall. 

That would still keep Mumbai rainfall in  month end deficit for June of around -10%.


The Mumbai lakes are largely deficit at 5.3% of the storage on 22nd June.

Expectations are that till June end it would average another 150 - 200 mms in the catchment.

Hopefully it should increase the storage by another 10%.

If it happens so ( another 10% additional storage), city supply could be good till 10th August. 

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