Thursday, November 05, 2020

 Maharashtra's coast Konkan Belt & Goa heats up on 5th November:

Coastal Cities on 5th Max and Min temperatures:

BOMBAY 33.4(-0.6) - 25.0  

SCZ 34.8( 0.6) - 22.2( 0.0) 

 ALIBAG 33.5( 0.1) - 20.9(-1.1)

RATNAGIRI 35.8( 2.0) - 22.2(-0.6)

 PANJIM 34.5( 1.3) - 22.2(-1.3) 

 DHANU 34.7( 1.7)


sset said...

NEM has become non-existent-monsoon. No proper rain or systems over TN and SAP - only lead to desertification. Research needs to be done why every year SWM is dominating and NEM is becoming extremely weak

sdk2247 said...

SSET I’ve seen a weather blog dedicated to southern India’s weather and it seems to suggest TN is having a good NEM. What are you basing your NEM failure theory on?

Weather forecast from Saturday 13th to Tuesday 16th April - Active pre-monsoon thunderstorm activity across the country The ongoing rain/thu...