Sunday, January 25, 2009

I want to stress on the unusually hot weather prevailing in the northern plains of India, central India, Western region and down to the states of Maharashtra/North Karnatak. Save the southern region, this anomoly map of last week shows the extent of the spread of the abnormally hot weather.

Again, Mumbai yesterday shot up to 37.1c, second hottest January ever, the hottest being just a shade higher at 37.4c. Only a 0.3c, difference, that can hardly noticeable unless you carry a digital thermometer with you.

The days temperature departure from the normal on the 25th. was really very high in the central regions as seen here in the IMD map.

The actual readings are seen in the map here. The 37c in the centre is at Akola (Maharashtra) and is +6c. Again, this was the highest reading in Asia for the 25th.

Like mentioned before, the passing of the W.D. is the only hope for a drop in temperatures in the next few days, and for a real end to this "Summer in Winter".

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