Tuesday, January 05, 2021

 Posted 5th January Noon:

Western Disturbance J-1, with Induced Low and Upper Air Trough,  active in the North, North West and Central India: rough creates a LWD from the Low Southwards towards the Arabian Sea. 

Rainfall amounts as on 5th Jan in last 24 hrs.

This System likely to be followed by another J-2, around 7th Jan, though a bit weaker than J-1.May affect the Northern Hill States.

Hence, due to continuous clouding, no fall or change in minimum temperatures, next 2 nights, in the NW and Northern and Central Indian Regions.

Colder conditions with drop in Minimum temperatures after the passing of the System, towards weekend.

5 days Forecast Outlook:

Maharashtra: Southern Districts ( Pune, Sangli) of Maharashtra may get some rainfall from Wednesday 5th. from indicates a little increase in rains on Thursday & Friday 7th/8th. The rain region creeps towards Northern Madhya Maharashtra ( Nasik)and Marathwada (Aurangabad, Nanded) from 7th.

Rains expected in Marathwada on 7th and 8th. beneficial for the wheat crops. As the rains will enhance soil moisture, which will be retained due to cloudy weather.

Rainfall expected this weekend in Mahabaleshwar and Lonavala.

Pune: Rains Before this Weekend: Cloudy weather with Light Rains on 6th. More frequency  on 7th, 8th and 9th. Possibly with thunder.

Mumbai: rains towards the weekend:  Partly cloudy to Hazy skies on 5th and 6th January. Light rains expected in parts of city on Thursday 7th, Friday 8th and Saturday 9th.. Some moderate rainfall also expected on Friday /Saturday.

Goa: Moderately good rains expected. starting from Wednesday 6th, light moderate showers and occasional  expected to last for 4 days till Saturday.

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