Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heat Wave in the Sub-Continent:

A severe heat wave is now baking almost the entire region of the north/west/central and eastern parts of the sub continent.

Todays (Tuesday) exceptional highs: Nawabshah 48c, Jacobabad 47c (Pak), Nagpur, Jaisalmer and Akola 46c, several 45c and many at 44c. Map from IMD shows the areas of India with the highest temperatures of Tuesday.

Meanwhile, it has become blazing hot eastward into India, with Kolkota maintaining its readings today at 41c, highest for April in 60 years..

The other map of the anomoly shows the heat wave creeping down south. High anomolies of upto +8c above normal are seen (light green), extending right into central Indian regions.

Meteorological analysis and numerical weather prediction models indicated further rise by 2 to 4c in maximum temperatures over parts of Northwest, Central and adjoining East India during the next 4 days.
This is due to a huge seasonal anticyclone (high-pressure area with warm air) pushing west from the Middle East regions.
Vidarbha and adjoining Marathwada, with north interior Andhra Pradesh may witness some record heating during this phase. Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and West Bengal, which may record unusually high temperatures.

The high pressure in the upper atmosphere approaching over western India , will have an eastward shift of high pressure aloft. This upper ridge will settle over the Subcontinent through most of the week.
This upper ridge will result in the Westerlies moving well northwards, resulting in a severe heat wave.

As per the IMD, by May 2, heat wave conditions would have fully evolved over parts of Northwest, Central and East India.

For the next 4 days,highs above the 45c mark will be reached daily in Rajasthan, Vidharbha, and areas of central and northern India.

Highest readings of 50 degrees C may be seen in Sindh.

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