Saturday, December 16, 2006


It seems like a long long wait for Mumbai. With winter just refusing to set in, the temperatures remain higher than normal. In fact, here is the surprise, the temperature on 14th.December,this year was 36°c, one of the highest ever recorded at Colaba in its 100 year history. 36°c is 5°c above the normal for this day. Subsequently for the next two days too were high, close to the record, at 34°c.
Now this is surely some sort of a heat spell in December!

Mumbai had only a very brief period, from 8th to 12th when the temperatures actually fell to below normal. Other than those few days, it has remained a warmer than usual December. The first diagram shown illustrates this clearly and the third diagram shows the actual temperatures.

Now compare this with December 2005! The minimum (third diagram), has gone down to almost 11°c! And the blue area in the first diagram is so much more pronounced.

Mumbai has seen some pleasant Decembers in the past. The lowest on record for December at Colaba is 12.8° and at Santa Cruz 10.6°. To reach this level during this year seems impossible.

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